Issue #5

Issue five of Tigershark was released in September 2014, with a theme of Mysteries. At a chunky 47 pages, thanks to a more considerable prose content than before – plus of course poetry and artwork — it is, as always, free to download direct from this page as a pdf file. Please let us know what you think of the new issue at the email address above!

47 pages featuring:

Fiction from KT Wagner, Bryn Fortey, Andrew Darlington, DJ Tyrer, Matt Betts and JC Hartley.

Poetry from Phillip A. Ellis, Denny E. Marshall, Frederick J. Mayer, Aeronwy Dafies, Celine Rose Mariotti, Katie Simpson, Julio Toro San Martin, Neil K. Henderson, Joan Leotta and Dakota-Luise Wolf.

Artwork from David Leverton and Frederick J. Mayer

All prose and poetry © the authors / Tigershark Publishing 2014.  |  All artwork © the artists / Tigershark Publishing 2014

Download Tigershark issue #5

* Updated version incorporating previously missing Greek letters into DJ Tyrer's 'Justified'...! Yes, I know 100% extra of none at all should still in fact be zero, but please excuse my maths in this instance for the sake of the joke. — Assistant ed.

"I like the design that you did for my poem Bleeding Rose in issue 5 [...] my first poem to feature in Tigershark Publishing, thank you to DS Davidson and thank you to David Leverton for the design."
Dakota-Luise Wolf

"Another enjoyable read [...] it kept me hooked, which can't be bad. Favourite tales were A. Darlington's Beast of the Baskervilles (beautiful dark writing) and DJ Tyrer's Justified. [...] My very favourite story of them all, however, was JC Hartley's The Lake. I loved the jaunty style and period feel, with beautifully evocative description. Everything about it was perfect, and closed the issue on a high. A breath of fresh air, in fact. I did find the poems rather a mixed bag, but Frederick J. Mayer's Grinning Moon was exceptionally good — [...] concise and immediate. I was delighted to see my Spirit Waves in Custody so strikingly presented beneath it. Great artwork from David Leverton, as usual. Thanks for including me here. I look forward to #6."
Neil K. Henderson

"Awesome! So exciting to see my work with so many other talented artists. Thanks for all your hard work on this."
Katie Simpson

"Thanks for including my story in the current Tigershark magazine. Well laid out and easy on the eye, I thought the illustration at the end of my story very apt — the tracks seem to shimmer as you scroll down. Spirit Waves in Custody by Neil K. Henderson stood out as the best poem in the issue for me. Sharp in its imagery and didn't overstay its welcome. The rest were all competently readable. The fiction all had something to offer, with Andrew Darlington and DJ Tyrer coming up to expectations. The others were new to me (fiction-wise at least in JC Hartley's case). The short Matt Betts piece was strangely effective."
Bryn Fortey

"Another excellent issue, well worth your attention… and it's FREE!!! What more could you possibly ask for, c'mon…?"
Andrew Darlngton