Issue #3

Issue three of Tigershark was released on February 14th 2014, with the theme of love, romance, relationships of all varieties... and hate. It's considerably longer again than issue #2 and almost 10,000 words longer than #1 — but it's still free to download direct from this page, or request from the editor, as a pdf file.

52 pages featuring:

Fiction from DJ Tyrer, Eric Mwathi, Aeronwy Dafies, Neil K. Henderson, Andrew Darlington and Frederick J. Mayer

Poetry from 
Phillip A. Ellis, Frederick J. Mayer, Aeronwy Dafies, DJ Tyrer, Christy Hall, Amanda Valance, David Norris-Kay, Arthur C. Ford, Sr., DS Davidson, Eric Mwathi, Ross Balcom and Neil K. Henderson

Artwork from David Leverton and Frederick J. Mayer

All prose and poetry © the authors / Tigershark Publishing 2014.  |  All artwork © the artists / Tigershark Publishing 2014

Download Tigershark issue #3
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"Thanks for another beautiful issue...! [...] I love the art. I'm always impressed by your artwork."
Andrew Darlington

"Everyone involved with Tigershark are doing it with beauty, style and practical excellence... I am quite proud and honored to be a part of it all!"
Frederick J. Mayer

"Good to see #3 released into the wild. Enjoyed DJ Tyrer’s 'Old Bones'. Also enjoyed Eric Mwathi’s 'Children Are Our Future' – very funny, with nice use of wordplay. His 'Rebellious Pupil' also struck a chord. [...] Andrew Darlington’s 'Laudanum Dream of Branwell Brontë' was great fun. I liked Frederick J, Mayer’s artwork [...] Of the poems, 'The Flower Waltz' by Ross Balcon and David Norris-Kay’s 'Devotion' most appealed. Also much impressed, as usual, by D. Leverton’s art — and especially appreciated his work for 'Plum Tomatoes' and 'Death & Surf & Sausage Rolls'."
Neil K. Henderson

"We should all support publishers like Tigershark as there aren't nearly enough out there that are willing to look at and accept a very wide range of material and still maintain a high quality standard... Cheers to Tigershark and the people behind/part of it!"
Frederick J. Mayer, in the Clark Ashton Smith Facebook group

"I've loved the three issues so far and definitely look forward to number 4. I congratulate both you [David] and DS on a splendid job. [...] Oh, even my wife likes your magazine, even though she is not a short-story lover."
Jon Harvey, Spectre Press

"Many thanks and an absolutely brilliant job!"
DJ Tyrer