Issue #4

Issue four of Tigershark was released in May 2014, with a theme of Victoriana and steampunk. 41 pages of prose, poetry and artwork — still free to download direct from this page as a pdf file. Please let us know what you think of the new issue at the email address above!

41 pages featuring:

Fiction from Mark Mellon, DJ Tyrer, Andrew Darlington and Konstantine Paradias.

Poetry from DJ Tyrer, Phillip A. Ellis, Richard King Perkins II, JD DeHart, Aeronwy Dafies, Frederick J. Mayer and Celine Rose Mariotti.

Artwork from David Leverton and Frederick J. Mayer

All prose and poetry © the authors / Tigershark Publishing 2014.  |  All artwork © the artists / Tigershark Publishing 2014

Download Tigershark issue #4

"Thanks again for a brilliant new issue. It's wonderful to be a part of the 'Tigershark' ongoing adventure..."
Andrew Darlington

"[...] enjoyed what you did with it all, especially the picture creation you did for my poem 'Of Alice Wondering', happy it touched you so! And, the imagery that is placed throughout makes it all flow nicely [...] You did an outstanding job... both you [David] and DS can, again, be proud of another fantastic issue!"
Frederick J. Mayer

"Looks excellent. [...] I've got some poems — some beautifully presented poems (thanks Mr Leverton!) — and a very short fiction reprint in this issue. Still looking through it, but the presentation is amazing."
DJ Tyrer

"DJ [Tyrer] has a splendid touch, insight, sense and knows how to weave imagery that makes for excellent Mythos poetry such as his 'The Old One & The Star Spawn'. [...] If you enjoy material as found in such excellent collections as Steampunk Cthulhu, then you may want to check out Tigershark #4, whose theme is roughly Steampunk/Victoriana with several nods to The King in Yellow et al. David [Leverton] and DS Davidson (not to mention, the issue's fine contributors!) have done an outstanding job and created another fantastic, depth-filled issue!"
Frederick J. Mayer, in the Mythos Fiction Facebook group

"I really enjoyed reading your last issue [#4]. I thought the layout and use of space especially for poetry was lovely."
Katie Simpson

"I've really enjoyed the steampunk/Victoriana issue — with special mentions for Mark Mellon's 'Grand Larceny Aboard GDI Raffaello' and 'The Lady and the Technocrat' by Konstantine Paradias. Dave Leverton's artwork has been stunning throughout, especially for this last story. You're really going from strength to strength now (though it makes the competition fiercer), and I look forward to issue 5."
Neil K. Henderson