Tigershark Publishing is a new, small-press e-publishing venture from DS Davidson: author, poet, regular contributor to established UK press Atlantean Publishing and elsewhere in the small presses, and previously editor of the first eighteen issues of Garbaj magazine.
Established in 2013, it will be releasing a hopefully regular e-zine for short fiction and poetry, Tigershark, in pdf format, approximately four times yearly; the issues so far are available to download for free from this site. The press may be venturing into collections and other formats at a future date.
Currently the press is open to submissions in any style or genre at the above-right email address — flash fiction, short fiction and non-fiction up to 5000 words, with those in the 1000 to 3000 words range being best placed for acceptance. Poetry of any length will be considered, and we are always on the lookout for artwork. See our guidelines for more details of themes and submission dates.

magazine #5 is out now!

Issue five was released in September 2014, with the theme of Mysteries. Forty-seven pages of prose, poetry and artwork from KT Wagner, Bryn Fortey, Andrew Darlington, DJ Tyrer, Matt Betts, JC Hartley, Phillip A. Ellis, Denny E. Marshall, Frederick J. Mayer, Aeronwy Dafies, Celine Rose Mariotti, Katie Simpson, Julio Toro San Martin, Neil K. Henderson, Joan Leotta, Dakota-Luise Wolf and David Leverton.

Free — as ever — to download directly from this site, or request from the editor, as a pdf file.

For details and download link, see the Issue 5 page.

Tigershark #1, #2 #3 & #4
The first issue of Tigershark was released in September 2013, the second in November 2013, the third in February 2014 and the fourth in May 2014— all are available in pdf format, for free, by either downloading from this site or else by requesting from the editor. If you require the latter option, please get in contact at the email address at the top of this page. For the download links, see the issues' own pages.

Future issues
Issue six will be on a broad Horror/Dark Fiction theme taking in supernatural horror, serial killers, paranormal investigations, ghost stories, conspiracy stories, urban fantasy, etc., with submissions requested by September 30th 2014 for release around (of course!) Hallowe'en. In 2015 the themes will provisionally be Exploration, The Sea, Beneath The Ground and Death & Disaster. For further information on these, see our future issues/submission guidelines page.

Keep an eye on this website for details of future submission calls and releases, and see www.facebook.com/tigersharkpublishing for the latest on what we're up to. We're always looking for feedback from our readers, too — so if you've downloaded a copy of one of our issues, please do drop us a line at the editorial email address or on Facebook and let us know what you think!

DS Davidson, editor

Many thanks to assistant editor David Leverton who is taking care of layout and design of the magazine and website.

"Tigershark is growing into a classic archive of amazing reading."
— Andrew Darlington