Issue #2

Our wintry issue two was released on November 11th 2013. It's 50% longer than issue #1 — but still free to download, or request from the editor, as a pdf file.

36 pages featuring:

Fiction from Andrew Darlington, DJ Tyrer, Neil K. Henderson, Hettie Ashwin, Jennifer Hollie Bowles, Aeronwy Dafies and Frederick J. Mayer

Poetry from DJ Tyrer, L. Wayne Russell, Aeronwy Dafies, Neil K. Henderson, Frederick J. Mayer, Phillip A. Ellis, Andrew Darlington and David Norris-Kay

Artwork from David Leverton

All prose and poetry © the authors / Tigershark Publishing 2013.  |  All artwork © David Leverton / Tigershark Publishing 2013.

Download Tigershark issue #2
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"The issue looks absolutely brilliant! Well done!"
DJ Tyrer

"I really was impressed with how [David Leverton] laid out the issue! [...] Thank you for all of your valuable time and energy [and] all of the excellent work you all are doing at Tigershark as it is very much appreciated! I am proud and honored to be associated with such a publishing crew and its outstanding fellow contributors."
Frederick J. Mayer