Issue #1

The first issue of Tigershark was released in September 2013 and is available in pdf format, for free, by downloading from this site — or else by requesting it from the editor: for the latter, please get in contact at the email address at the top of this page.

23 pages featuring:

Fiction from Neil K. Henderson, DJ Tyrer and Andrew Darlington


Poetry from the above and also from Robert Ensor, JC Hartley, Arthur C. Ford, Sr., Aeronwy Dafies and DS Davidson

Artwork from David Leverton

All prose and poetry © the authors / Tigershark Publishing 2013.  |  All artwork © David Leverton / Tigershark Publishing 2013.
Download Tigershark issue #1
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"A great and exciting new venture. [...] Excellent issue. Delighted to be a part of this project [...] The artwork was amazingly good. This is the way publishing is going. Immediately in. Immediately out. Love it..."
Andrew Darlington