Future issues / Submissions

Currently Tigershark Publishing is open to submissions in any style or genre at the email address at the top-right of this page — flash fiction, short fiction and non-fiction up to 5000 words, with those in the 1000 to 3000 words range being best placed for acceptance. Poetry of any length will be considered.

Artwork is always needed — particularly pieces suited to the themes listed below, but we would also be happy to look at more general submissions. Please contact editor DS Davidson with any queries or for more details.

Please put 'Submission' in the email subject line. Multiple submissions are acceptable but not simultaneous submissions. We will consider reprints that have appeared in print publications but not electronic publications.

Work accepted for Tigershark ezine must not be published elsewhere between the closing date for submissions (approximately one month before publication date) and three months following the issue's publication. After that period you may freely submit your work elsewhere. Any previous publications must be disclosed when submitting. Please remember that if previously unpublished work is published in Tigershark, you may be unable to enter it in competitions and it will be classed as a reprint when submitting elsewhere.

Probably about 2/3 of each issue of Tigershark will be themed, but up to 1/3 will be open to unthemed work. See below for more details of themes and submission dates. Responses to each issue's submissions will be sent out after its closing date.

At present, the planned schedule for coming issues looks as follows:

Issue #6 (October/November) — Horror and Dark Fiction
Supernatural horror, serial killers, paranormal investigations, ghost stories, conspiracy stories, urban fantasy, etc.
This issue is now closed to submissions

(dates to be decided)
Issue #7 — Exploration
Explorers from any era in history, in fantasy worlds or on other planets.

Issue #8 — The Sea
Adventures on, under, beside or even above the sea. Any genre or theme.

Issue #9 — Beneath The Ground
Adventures in caves, tunnels, mines, fantasy dungeons or the hollow earth.

Issue #10 — Death and Disaster
Loss, facing mortality, fighting to survive, murder mysteries, disaster stories, etc.